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The alpaca wool tapestry


We present an alpaca wool carpet where the ocher colors dominated completely handmade.


The alpaca wool tapestry is an exclusive work in every way, it is for the material used, for the totally handmade pigmentation treatment used and because there is no other similar tapestry. 

Actually it is a unique and unrepeatable work

The alpaca wool carpet is one hundred percent made of one of the most luxurious and fine fibers in the world, the alpaca wool, which is a fiber at the same tim soft and very resistant. 

If we compare sheep wool with alpaca wool it turns out that alpaca wool would be three times more resistant than sheep wool. 

This type of wool is very scarce in the market, which makes it a very exclusive natural fiber and really complicated to achieve, due to its strong demand. 

To the material with which this tapestry is made, the piece’s artisan work is united. 

The tapestry has been entirely handmade representing in it a landscape motif with buildings in a mountainous area.

Each alpaca thread used has been manually dyed with natural pigments to give it the color that the artisan was looking for.

It is a work of enormous quality made by Spanish craftsmen in a patient and meticulous work that is reflected in the final result of the tapestry. 

In a work that is unique and that brings it closer to a art work you will not find another tapestry with the motif that this represents and you can sense a more aesthetic than utilitarian concern with the final result of the work. 

An excellent gift for anyone who appreciates this type of manual and delicate work with an excellent result. If you are fond of this type of work is an option that you can not miss to increase a collection with a piece of enormous quality. 

The technique used totally respectful with the environment and with the animals is another incentive to appreciate this tapestry worked as we have said by Spanish craftsmen.

 Remember that you only have one option to get hold of this impressive work. 

Alpaca wool tapestry: Technical characteristics 

  • Dimensions of the Tapestry 96 x 63 cm.
  • Approximate weight 400 grams. 
  • Alpaca wool Natural pigments.
  • Unique work. 
Tapiz de lana de Alpaca

Data sheet

400 grams
96 x 63 cm
Single Work/Series
Unique work

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