Buy pictures for your house in 11 tips.

Buy pictures for your house in 11 tips.

We will provide you with 11 basic tips to get it right when buying ideal paintings to decorate your home.

There comes the time when we want to change the decoration and we are not sure of the changes we want to make. 

Buying paintings is a good choice if you want to renew the decoration of your home.

Integrating paintings into the decoration is a dream that many cherish but on many occasions we simply do not know if it is something accessible to our pocket. 

One of the quintessential ways to give new life to the walls of your home or the offices of your company, is to hang original paintings, I dare not call them decorative. 

Most likely the artist who has painted them has not thought at all about the decorative use to which you want to use it, but it is undeniable that buying paintings as works of art that are contributing a unique and differential element in the final result. 

But it is not so easy to achieve a composition that generates harmony, elegance and a defined style. 

That is why many times this complicated work is entrusted to professionals in the decoration, interior design, etc. 

But if you decide to take the reins, you have the task of thinking about the painting that best matches your walls, furniture and, most importantly, ... your personality. 

At the same time you have to choose the best option to make the purchase, it is a process where you doubt yourself.

Our intention with this post is to share with you tips that may be useful considering our extensive experience when facing the task of buying paintings for this purpose.

Where to buy paintings to decorate

1st  Where to buy paintings?

In the art market there are 4 main agents:

  • The art fairs to which art galleries mainly attend.
  • Auctions that generally specialize in the sale of paintings by established authors.
  • Art galleries, which select the artists that interest them most, and then commercialize their work, in the media usually take strong commissions for the sale of that work of art.
  • The online art platforms that are an increasingly important actor in this market.

Online art sales platforms have created a transparent pricing system and democratized art making it possible for anyone to enjoy and enjoy a work of art without the need to pay a large sum of money.

2nd  How to buy a painting

In an art gallery you select the work and in a couple of days it will be ready.

If you choose to buy the painting in an online art gallery, you usually only have to select the work of your interest, put it in the car and make the established payment.

The payment system is very secure on these platforms, some of them also give you a deadline for you to return the work if you want to make a return, minimum fourteen days.

As for the delivery times they can vary from one to another but in our case in two or three days it should be arriving at your door.

You don't always have to buy

Did you know that there are art galleries that give you that possibility at very affordable prices.

You can rent a work of art for as long as you want, and there are many advantages, first you will save money, you will have an exclusive work at home and you can renew your decoration as many times as you want.

Aunque con el arte solemos ser posesivos y cuando una obra realmente nos gusta solemos tender a querer que sea nuestra.

3rd Connection with the work

For us this is the most important section of everything we are going to say.

Surely if you read something else about how to buy a painting they will tell you to inform yourself about the artist's career.

You investigate her/his artistic training, that you look for information about the artistic style he/she represents, her/his technique and the materials he/she uses, etc.

And we do not say that you do not do all this, but what is really essential when you are going to live with a painting for years, maybe decades, the essential thing, we believe, is that the work like, inspire and delight you.

The work will live with you if you do not like it and it does not involve you, it makes no sense to buy it.

You need that at the moment you see it a connection with the work arises, until you imagine how it would be in your living room, bedroom or in the space in which you have decided to place it.

Therefore, the work you take home should awaken emotions and move your feelings.

Art Gallery

4th  Look for an art advisor

You can ask for recommendations from an art expert on how and where to buy paintings or look for an art consultant to help you decide which work is the best according to the objective you have: decoration, investment or / and collecting.

In Omicron Handmade we can advise you on the purchase of a work. Call us before buying paintings, sculptures or any other artistic element, we will give you our advice.

5th Collage, diptych or triptych.

Keep in mind that you have many alternatives to choose and play with the design of your decoration, it is not just to put the classic picture on the sofa.

You can choose a great diptych or triptych if you want to cause the sensation of order and formality, as long as these are harmoniously integrated into the rest of your decoration.

6th Go to exhibitions

They will help you to better understand art and raise awareness, hopefully you can even discover an exhibition of emerging artists of great projection that attracts your attention.

Attending an exhibition is a way of approaching the work and knowing more about it.

In many cases the work is explained by the artist himself. What makes you more likely to connect with her.

7th And what about money? You will ask

One of the most important things that we undoubtedly consider when buying a painting is the price, in the art market there are a great number of alternatives and a variety of prices.

Obviously the work of a leading author can add many zeros to the price you have to pay to get it.

But there are cheaper options for emerging artists that may be more affordable than consecrated artists.

It is not the same price for buying a unique work or a silkscreen from which an author has made several copies.

There are many options to buy paintings in the art world, you just have to find yours.

Acrylic Triptych

8th Buy exclusive and original paintings

If you want to leave everyone open-mouthed, we recommend you buy an original painting that is impossible to find anywhere else.

In the online art galleries like Omicron Handmade we have a catalog of works made by emerging artists of great projection.

In these online platforms you can find original pictures at affordable prices. You can access an exclusive and quality work, all our artistic works have it.

It is very easy to check the originality of a work, asking for a certificate of authenticity.

The certificate contains specific information on where and how the work was done, the name of the author, title of the work, its size, among other characteristics.

It is very likely that it will not produce the same impact, decorate with an original painting that an exclusive work.

Definitely worth it.

9th Think of the right place to place the painting.

Take care of the distribution of spaces.

Being creative is always a great idea, you don't have to always hang the picture on the sofa.

If you are still going to place it on the sofa:

A very large painting should go at a distance from the sofa, that is, neither too high nor too close.

On the contrary, if it is a very small painting and the wall is very large, it will be lost when hung.

If you are worried about the fact that you have to bore in the wall, remember that in decoration there is an extended tendency to support the paintings on the floor so you do not always have to hang the picture, on condition that it is integrated into the decoration.

But if you do not dare at all with this trend you have the option of placing one or more pictures on a piece of furniture in the living room or in the dresser of your bedroom.

You can also use shelves and do tests in different ways until you find the one you like the best.

10th Tones and decoration styles.

From a more classic style to a contemporary one, there are many options that you could choose for your decoration.

Of course when buying the painting you must have one of those styles in your head.

Do you have the style? The next question is: what colors do you prefer and how are you going to combine them?

Make sure there is contrast.

The colors of your decoration should have perfect balance and harmony.

For example, if your walls are dark and you buy a painting with bright colors, there will be a loaded environment where none will stand out, in this case neutral colors on the walls would be more suitable to highlight the painting you have purchased.

For the colors, each one has its meaning.

If you want to get an elegant, sober and modern decoration, black and white are the perfect candidates.

On the other hand, if what you want is to transmit energy, strength and dynamism, the bright tones, especially the warm ones, will be your allies.

11th It is important where the painting is going to be placed.

When buying a painting it is important that you know if you are going to hang it in the living room, in the bedroom or in any other space in the house.

The living room is the center of attention for excellence, the first thing anyone will visit at your home.

It is the space where we spend most of the time so it is important that you feel comfortable with the decoration you choose and that it suits your needs.

If you want to decorate the bedroom it is convenient that they be with artistic works that invite rest and that give the feeling of calm and tranquility to fall asleep.

The tips are generic and each case is a world, as well as your tastes, which may be much less conventional than those expressed here.

So as in art conventions are there to break them, be creative and innovate never hurts.

What is certain is that there is a very important advice that stems from logic and common sense:

We must choose a picture that makes us happy, that combines with our decorative style and that is the ideal for our personality and the environment of our home in which it will be placed at the end and after all this work of art will live with us for many years.

You may not find it the first day you look for it but if you persist you will surely find that painting that you will want to buy.

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