Six trends in summer fashion accessories 2019.

Six trends in summer fashion accessories 2019.

We have decided to tell you what are the trends in fashion accessories for the summer 2019, reviewing the preferences that have been seen on the catwalks.

In terms of colors, the season brings us three great winners.

1º The orange color 

Put a touch of orange in your look and you'll be right.

It is the fashionable color this summer is a color very associated with youth and extroversion and is often a guarantee of strong emotions.

People who use it most often are vital, fun-loving and enjoy an intense social life.

If you do not dare to more risky outfits like betting on an outfit totally in orange, dare at least to put touches of that color in your day to day.

Stoneware and Resin Ceramic Bracelet

2º The Yellow Color.

The yellow color will be another of the fashionable colors of spring 2019

It is a color associated with light, gold, happiness and energy.

Get inspired, bet on looks with a lot of yellow to monopolize all eyes.

And if you do not dare with such an intense tone, mustard or gold are also trend.

And if you do not dare with such an intense tone, mustard or gold are also trend.

Golden Bakelite Ring

3º Total black look

If there is a color that never goes out of style that is black.

If you bet on him, you'll get a sophisticated look.

You can combine clothes and accessories to your liking, as long as the absolute protagonist is black.

Keep the look "total black" if you want to be totally fashionable.

Whach out that the total white look also had its place on the catwalks, we believe that as a reaction to the excess and colorful and prints.

Onyx bracelet

Silver and long jet necklace

4th The XXL Earrings

Take note and start to complement your looks with XXL version earrings, long but very long.

Both daily and for parties are a perfect option this season.

In addition, you can get versatile designs that you do not have to wear only for partying, but to any kind of more or less formal event.

The long earrings enhance any look if you know how to take advantage of them.

Si eliges unos pendientes XXL, que sean unos tremendamente originales. Obviamente, acompáñalos de un recogido si tienes el cabello largo.

Silver and Murano glass earrings  main

5th The return of the pearls

In small format and irregular, or with several laps adorning shirts and jerseys will be an essential element of the look of this season.

We do not know if pearls have stopped being fashionable, but if so, it is a past tense.

They have returned, if they ever left, to stay and give a new 'preppy' look to your look.

Both white and black are a perfect choice.

Tahitian pearl or black pearls necklace

6º Collars superimposed or the neck party

Es probable que no cueste mucho recordar aquellos primeros tiempos de Instagram en los que las imágenes de brazos repletos de pulseras bajo la etiqueta #armparty poblaban la red social.

Esta primavera-verano esa fiesta en las muñecas da paso a la desmesura en el cuello, como si de un #neckparty se tratase. 

Así que ya sabes si quieres triunfar no olvides combinar collares en tus looks.

Violet necklace with white Bakelite beads

Bakelite short necklace main image

The fundamental thing is that you like it and feel comfortable with the trends, so you can enjoy them.

To say goodbye just invite you to go through the online store, you will find beautiful accessory handmade for you.

With tendency or without tendency they are magnificent complements to incorporate to your jeweler.

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