Craft Wood Box by Omicron Crafts
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Craft Wood Box by Omicron Crafts


The wooden box Craftsmanship of the artist Nina Sloanne is a unique work which, together with the treatment given by the artist, brings this box closer to the concept of a work of art.


The wooden box is a work between artisanal and artistic since, as commented, it is a unique work.

With that we only we want to say exactly, that the artist has made only made a single unit of the box we offer, which is the one you are looking at in this file.

The handmade box is made with the wood of the Prumnopitys montana known as “azucena or romerillo azuceno”, plant endemic to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru or Venezuela.

A rare and difficult wood to get endemic to the countries we have pointed out.

It is a work one hundred percent made by hand and painted externally to the enamel and acrylics by the artist who has given the same treatment to the works of art that usually perform

The yellows, reds and blues overlap on a black base.

Contrary to its exterior, the virgin wood has been kept inside.

The box has no internal compartments so it can be given a multitude of uses.

A piece that measures 19 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm and that without a doubt can be a detail that culminates the decoration of any part of the house or office, with a different element that will bring an artistic touch to the whole

We ship it anywhere in the world in much less time than you can think of.

Do not miss the opportunity to get this piece, remember that it is unique.

Craft Wood Box by Nina Sloanne: Technical Characteristics

  • Single Work
  • Wooden box of Prumnopitys montana.
  • Made by hand
  • Painted externally to enamel and acrylic.
  • Dimensions 19 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm
  • Approximate weight 500 grams
  • Author Nina Sloanne 2016

Caja Madera Artesanía

Data sheet

850 grams
19 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm
Nina Sloanne 2016