Handmade Embroidered Tablecloth in Cross Stitch
  • Handmade Embroidered Tablecloth in Cross Stitch
  • Handmade Embroidered Tablecloth in Cross Stitch

Handmade Embroidered Tablecloth in Cross Stitch.


The handembroidered tablecloth has a size of 130 cm x 130 cm, it is a square tablecloth handmade in cotton.


Embroidered Tablecloth in Cross Stitch is a 100% cotton tablecloth of high quality, specifically it is a cotton damask.

Damascus cotton is a superior quality long fiber cotton, it will create a perfect atmosphere on your table.

Widely used in Europe no home should be without a piece as it is for those moments where dressing the table is essential.

An observation, do not think that the quality of cotton prevents its use, rather the opposite. The damask fabric has great resistance to washing and is widely used in high-level restaurants.

Ideal for large special events of those in which to be well is essential.

Apart from the quality of the fabric, this Hand-Embroidered Tablecloth in Cross Stitch has perfect finishes that immediately demonstrate the artisan work behind it.

It has been handembroidered with small cross-stitched flowers of elegant and discreet colors that make this tablecloth a special piece for the household items.

As a gift it is a fantastic option, it stands out on any table, and it is there on the table where the craftsmanship behind it is best appreciated.

Remember that it is a 100% tablecloth made in Spain with top quality cotton.

It combines phenomenally with plain white tableware and crockery with floral motifs that suit the flowers on the tablecloth.

A hundred percent handmade product of a unique quality that you can not miss.

Tablecloth handembroidered in cross stitch: Technical characteristics.

  • Square damask cotton tablecloth in ivory color.
  • Handembroidered with small cross-stitch flowers in discreet colors
  • Dimensions 130 x 130 cm.
  • Product totally made in Spain in an artisanal way.

Express delivery 24 - 48 hours to most of the countries of the world.

There are other shipping options, check prices.

Any doubt or consideration do not hesitate to contact us.

Mantel Bordado a Mano

Data sheet

130 x 130 cm

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