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Onyx bracelet

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The onyx bracelet is made of black onyx, a spectacular semiprecious stone that you will fall in love with just as it shines on your wrist


The Onyx bracelet is composed of baroque beads, opposed to each other, which give it its particular shape and give the jewel a very striking intense shine.

The result is an extraordinarily beautiful onyx bracelet.

The onyx is a mineral considered as semiprecious stone, in reality it is a variety of agate or chalcedony.

Whether it is a mineral or a variety of mineral, let's leave the discussion to geologists, the fact is that this semiprecious stone of volcanic origin worked by expert hands gives rise to a bracelet that besides being beautiful in its brilliant black color, has the characteristic of being as beautiful as tough.

The onyx is a very consistent material so you can use the bracelet in your day to day, it will hold your rhythm without any problem.

The bracelet that due to the peculiar shape of its beads, recalls are baroque beads, make it a tremendously unique bracelet, which leaves no one indifferent, discreet in color but very striking for the shapes and the intense brightness of the semiprecious stone of that is made.

The beads on this beautiful jewel are elastically linked together for greater comfort and better support, making it easy to put on and take out.

It is in itself only able to enhance any look, besides being a complement that you can use in any circumstance.

It will be the center of attention, with an eye-catching brightness, the onyx bracelet will not leave you or anyone who sees it indifferent.

Move to the discreet charm of the pieces made one hundred percent by artisan hands.

If you do not want to be like the others here you have that piece that you lacked.

A very special gift for a very special woman.

With this bracelet you will never go wrong.

Onyx bracelet: Technical characteristics

  • Handmade  
  • Black onyx stone Bracelet.
  • The beads are linked together by an elastic band.
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