Pearl Mothem, silver and pearl earrings -Main image
  • Pearl Mothem, silver and pearl earrings -Main image
  • Pearl Mothem, silver and pearl earrings
  • Pearl Mothem, silver and pearl earrings - View of the pair of earrings

Pearl Mothem, silver and pearl earrings


Pearl Mother, silver and pearl earrings are an authentic jewel handmade by artisans who have delicately worked three materials to form the representation of a delicate flower.


The base of the earring is made of 925 silver, which at the same time serves as the earring closure, a snap closure that allows the slope to be worn with the maximum guarantees to avoid its loss.

The flower is mounted on this silver base, the petals are made in pearl mother, also know as nacre, it is a iridescent origin natural substance widely used in jewelry.

The nacre used is pale pink handcarved with great delicacy.

The nacre is formed inside the shells of some mollusks and produces brightness and shades of different colors when light reflects it

This nacre’s quality is known as iridescence, which also has the other element that forms the earring.

This jewel culminates in a Freshwater pale pink round cultivated pearl with approximately 0.7 mm in diameter.

The iridescence, the luster and the surface of the pearls are AA.

The result is a beautiful pair of carved pearl mother earrings, with pearls of 0.7 mm that change color depending on the light on the materials of the earring.

The earrings will not leave anyone indifferent because of their delicate beauty they are an ideal complement for those moments in which going flirtatious is important.

An authentic jewel handmade in Spain that will be a delicious gift for an occasion, and an essential element that should be in your jeweler.

A total success whatever the destination you want to give it.

Pearl mother, silver and pearl earrings: Technical characteristics

  • 100% handmade
  • Nacre earrings.
  • 925 Silver
  • Freshwater round AA quality pearls of pale pink color of approximately 0.7 mm (one per slope).
  • Snap closure

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