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Ring with Black Flower


The ring with black flower is a ring that represents a rose in its full splendor.


The upper part of the ring with Black Flower has not been painted, the black rose has been achieved hand sculpting it by working on a black resin base.

The result is a small work of art that you can wear in your hand for any occasion, a ring that leaves no one indifferent to whom sees it.

The flower is of a considerable size, it is approximately 4 centimeters in diameter.

On any finger it is a piece of craftsmanship that will attract a lot of attention.

It is an original and different gift that will look fantastic in your hand.

It has the characteristic that the washer of the ring allows the adjustment to the size of your finger or  for the person to whom you want to give it away.

With these ring do not have to worry about whether it will fit correctly to the finger of whoever wants to wear the piece.

Remember that it is a handmade product, one hundred percent hand carved by a Spanish craftsman. A work entirely made in Spain.

By itself, the ring, is able to attract the eyes, enhancing as few add-ons any look you want to wear, however minimalist this may be.

The ring will stand out by giving you what you like so much, not go unnoticed.

With this ring you wear a real work of art on your fingers, as it has been hand-modeled by craftsmen.

Check our shipping options, we can send you the ring with black flower before you can imagine.

If you like it, do not think twice, the number of pieces is very limited.

Ring with Black Flower: Technical Characteristics

  • Handmade ring with black flower approximately 4cm in diameter.
  • It represents a rose in its full splendor.
  • Made in resin in black
  • It has adjustable ring for better adjustment in its use.

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