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Silver and long jet necklace
  • Silver and long jet necklace - spheres
  • Silver and long jet necklace - jet spheres
  • Silver and long jet necklace

Silver and long jet necklace

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Handmade silver and jet necklace stands out for its minimalist and very contemporary lines.


The Silver and long jet necklace is formed by a fine silver chain and beautiful shape.

It culminates at the end of this long necklace with spherical pendants of different sizes placed in a totally asymmetrical way.

The silver and jet necklace has an intense shine that does not decrease with the passage of time.

A complement designed to always look like the first day.

It is a work made by craftsmen in Santiago de Compostela, traditional center of work both of silver and jet.

The jet is a hard and very compact lignite of a beautiful bright black color, which is traditionally used to make all kinds of jewelry and ornaments.

Its color, very characteristic, is used in Spanish to define both the stone and that bright black color.

It is very common to see it worked together with silver by the contrast of both noble materials.

The silver we use for this necklace is 925 which is the most used by jewelers and artisans as it is an alloy of high quality and resistance.

Although the work of silver and jet jewelry is millennial, in the materials ends all the resemblance to the traditional way of working it.

A different design has been made, and the way of working this piece is very contemporary.

Remember the result is a beautiful silver necklace of high quality and jet that born of the tradition is a jewel totally contemporary in its conception.

An original piece that can not miss in your jeweler. Or that it is a perfect gift with which to celebrate this special occasion.

An exclusive piece, you should not let go.

Silver and jet necklace: Technical characteristics

  • 925 silver and jet necklace
  • 100 percent handmade
  • It has a total length of 45 cm
Collar de plata y azabache largo

Data sheet

It has a total length of 45 cm

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