Necklace and ring wool flower main view
  • Necklace and ring Wool flower
  • Necklace and ring wool flower main view
  • Wool flower necklace
  • Wool flower necklace flower detail
  • Wool flower necklace detail - one of the necklace flowers

Necklace and ring Wool flower


The short necklace Wool Flower is a set of handmade accessories one hundred percent in alpaca wool.


A wool extraordinarily soft and warmer than sheep's wool, and what is more interesting for the necklace is that is three times more resistant than sheep's hair.

It is a natural material that allows it to be lighter than other wool.

It is enormously water resistant and as soft as cashmere.

Alpaca fiber contains microscopic bags of air inside it naturally, which makes the collar practically unweighted.

As you see a raw material of great quality and very durable over time.

Here it has been given a slightly different use when making a set of accessories: Necklace and Ring Wool.

It is a short necklace, its total length is 57 centimeters, which ends at each end with a flower made by hand, like the rest of the necklace.

The collar is accompanied by a matching ring in the same material: alpaca.

A set that surprises and attracts attention for its beauty.

It is also extremely versatile because being an open necklace you can use it in very different ways, almost as many as where your imagination takes you, you can even use it as a bracelet.

Quality and design go hand by hand in these pieces.

Here, as in a few pieces, the beauty of the handmade, of the artisan, of the simple in appearance, is better seen.

Whether you want it for yourself or for a gift, it's a perfect choice.

Necklace and ring Wool flower: Technical characteristics.

  • Short necklace of 100% alpaca wool.
  • Finished on each end in a flower handmade.
  • Matching ring also made of alpaca wool.
  • The necklace is open so it can be used in different ways and even as a bracelet
  • Total length 57 cm


Spanish crafts.

Express delivery 24 - 48 hours to most of the countries of the world.

There are other shipping options, check prices.

Any doubt or consideration do not hesitate to contact us.

Collar y anillo Flor de Lana.

Data sheet

Total length 57 cm

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