Sand Color Crochet Earrings clousure
  • Sand Color Crochet Earrings clousure
  • Sand Color Crochet Earrings

Sand Color Crochet Earrings


Crochet Short Earrings are made with a cotton thread of the highest quality using this ancient technique that many generations of women have practiced.


With industrialization the articles were produced in large-scale machines and the market was flooded with such products that have nothing to do with the handmade work of these short earrings.

Crochet Sand Color Short Earrings have been made by artisan hands without any intervention of machines beyond the needle we use in this weaving technique.

The Crochet makes use of a single needle with a small hook at the top.

And with these three elements: 

The needle, the cotton thread in sand color and the skill of the hands of the craftswoman are born these earrings that you can wear now.

The entire process of the earrings creation is Spanish.

As you can see, the earring has a spherical shape and is attached to a bolt designed to be very comfortable to use

Its closure has the characteristic of being anti-allergic, easy to put on, does not slip

It is a closure that makes it suitable for girls to wear, or for use in additional holes of the ear since once closed when the bolt is covered there is no danger of nailing.

They are a very original gift with which you will undoubtedly triumph.

It is about Spanish craftsmanship made without the presence of industrial machinery which is noticeable even at the crochet point.

In spite of being short earrings people will not stop to stand out when you wear them, among other things because of the material that has been used in their elaboration.

Remember the process of making the earrings has been done manually in Spain.

Few more original gifts that you can make, also at a very tight price.

Unlock your most fun, romantic, elegant self with this handmade earrings design.

Sand Color Crochet Short Earrings: Technical characteristics.

  • Handwoven earrings.
  • The technique used is crochet with 100% cotton sand colored yarn.
  • Anti-allergic closure cap.

Sent from Spain.

Express delivery 24 - 48 hours to most countries of the world.

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