Short Black Crochet Necklace
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Short Black Crochet Necklace


Short Black Crochet Necklace is a piece handmade in Spain, a unique necklace that you can not miss.


A discreet and elegant short black necklace that you can wear at any time.

A complement that will bring a different touch to your personal style, whether you or the person to whom you give it.

As a gift it is different, totally handmade, a gift that deserves someone important to you.

Do not forget that you deserve to make to you a special gift every now and then. And what better than this unusual necklace handmade.

Designed and made by expert hands in the work of crochet is a piece entirely handmade with a careful finish, pampering the detail, only what can be done by hand.

A unique piece made of 100% cotton thread, which guarantees comfort in its use, and offers a delicate finish.

Complete the Short Black Crochet Necklace with transparent resin beads that shine and enhance the uniqueness of the piece when it appears in your throat.

It has a metal carabiner closure to make it easy to put on without having to force the collar at any time.

It is a beautiful way to give a different touch to any dress, shirt or sweater that will change completely combined with this necklace.

An accessory that will help you complete the look you need at any time of the year.

Remember the short black crochet necklace is a unique gift for you or for another person, Spanish craftsmanship one hundred percent.

A product made by craftsmen so you can enjoy a piece that combines design and tradition.

Technical characteristics of the Short Black Crochet Necklace

  • Handmade product.
  • The piece is hand made in crochet with 100% cotton thread.
  • In some areas it covers the aforementioned transparent resin beads. 
  • It has a metal carabiner closure.
  • Length to the center 40 cm.

Sent from Spain.

Express delivery 24 - 48 hours to most of the world.

We have other shipping options, check prices.

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