Sand Color Crochet wallet
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  • Sand Color Crochet wallet

Sand Color Crochet wallet


The sand color crochet purse is a completely handmade purse made with this technique of weaving cotton thread.


Sand Color Crochet wallet is a one hundred percent sand colored purse handmade in Spain.

It has a zipper closure in black for comfort of use.

It also has a decorative detail with a bow in satin ribbon of mauve color that adds a touch of color to this sand purse made with the crochet technique.

It is a unique piece made in an ancestral technique that until the industralization of weaving work women had done from generation to generation.

At Omicron Handmade, we love the artisanal, hand-crafted, and we love presenting you products as cared for as the sand purse.

The purse that we propose is completely woven by expert craftsmanship hands that achieve an extraordinary result.

For what we are going to deny it, it has a certain retro or vintage look if you prefer this term.

Which far from being a problem is part of the purse's appeal.

It is an excellent gift that will not fail to surprise that friend that the conventional or the industrial product without soul does not convince her.

If you feel nostalgia for those adorable crochet purses of those that made the grandmothers do not miss the occasion.

Dare to be different, to use totally respectful materials with the environment, and to appreciate everything that has been done with the hands of a person who express themselves in their work.

That technique of work that has worked for centuries will now work equally.

The work at hand is clearly seen in the final result of this different purse.

Purse that also perfectly fulfills its function.

Remember the crochet purse is handmade in sand colored cotton yarn.

What are you expecting to put it in your bag?

Sand Color crochet purse: Technical characteristics.

  • Hand-knitted purse.
  • Made in 100% cotton yarn in sand color.
  • With loop of ornament in mauve satin ribbon.
  • With zipper closure in black color.
  • Dimensions 8.5 x 8 cm


Sent from Spain.

Express delivery 24 - 48 hours to most countries of the world.

There are other shipping options, check prices.

Monedero a crochet color arena

Data sheet

8.5 x 8 cm

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