Stoneware and Resin Ceramic Bracelet
  • Stoneware and Resin Ceramic Bracelet
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  • Bracelet Ceramic Stoneware and Resin resin leaves detail
  • Stoneware and Resin Ceramic Bracelet - detail hand-painted spheres

Stoneware and Resin Ceramic Bracelet


The Stoneware and Resin Ceramic Bracelet is a premium product entirely handmade.

It is composed of stoneware spheres painted by hand.


The Stoneware and Resin Ceramic Bracelet is composed of stoneware spheres painted by hand, one by one, in such a way that none of the spheres of this bracelet has the same pattern than the other.

These spheres are complemented with leaves made of resin similarly molded by hand.

What turns each bracelet into a unique and very unique object that you can wear on your wrist.

It is very reliable and also allows you to go elegant in any situation from going to the office or work, going out with friends or partner, or for any event you have to attend is also an option that will not fail the look of your arm.

You know that the small details are the ones that make the difference and this is without a doubt.

As you can assume such a manual production makes the number of pieces of this bracelet small.

Remember, it is a hundred percent handmade product, pure Spanish craftsmanship of the highest quality, where all the passion for the manual product of the master craftsman is turned over.

Well, do not let it go if you do not want to go without it.

It is also a very personal gift for someone who is important to you.

An authentic work of art that you can give away with the total confidence that it is something different, a complement that has the imprint of the handmade product, with all the design and strength of the craftsmanship that is made in Spain.

A very special gift with which you are not wrong.

The pieces that compose it have been molded and painted by hand so you would be giving away a unique complement, there are not two exactly the same.

The pieces are joined together by an elastic thread that apart from comfort provides a perfect fit whatever the width of the wrist that will use it.

Whether it's for a gift or for you, the fact is that the Stoneware and Resin Ceramic Bracelet is part of that kind of accessories that can enhance a look, even change it for the better.

It has several shipping options in the fastest we put it in 24 to 48 hours in most of the planet.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a bracelet entirely handmade.

Ceramic and Resin Ceramic Bracelet: Technical characteristics.

  • Bracelet made in symmetrical spheres of hand-painted ceramic and resin
  • None of the spheres is the same as the other and they have been painted with different motifs.
  • The resin has also been molded by hand.
  • They are joined together by elastic thread for better fit and comfort in use

Sent from Spain.

Express delivery 24 - 48 hours to most countries of the world.

We have other shipping options, check prices and times.

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