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Chrysocolla Necklace


The Chrysocolla Necklace is a long necklace, it is 102 centimeters long. It is made in symmetrical spheres of chrysocolla.


In case you do not know the material I will tell you that the chrysocolla is a stone that since antiquity is linked to the feminine.

Women are emotional and vibrant, our femininity transmits sweetness, sensitivity, softness, tranquility and protection.

The chrysocolla is an allied stone for the feminine, it symbolizes the water and the moon, very used in the pre-Columbian cultures.

If we get less poetic we can say that the chrysocolla is considered a precious stone, it is actually a quality copper silicate, often formed with copper, iron and manganese oxide salts.

In the world of jewelery, it is very popular because it separates attractive colors, which are combined with unique multicolored patterns.

The chrysocolla belongs to a very small group of copper bearing gems, which also includes malachite, azurite, and turquoise, among others.

Findings have been found of its use in jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces by the natives in Lima, which is why it is also known as Peruvian turquoise.

The necklace we present is a long necklace handmade in a work of symmetrical spheres of chrysocolla.

Completely handmade has the peculiarity that it is open so it can be used in different ways and even as a bracelet.

Ideal as a gift for a very special woman, is a real gem that is also extremely versatile in its use.

You can use the necklace as a long necklace, remember that it is 102 cm long, give it a couple of turns and you have a shorter necklace, and can even make a great bracelet if you use it on your wrist.

Do not miss this piece so related to the feminine.

Chrysocolla Necklace: Technical characteristics.

  • Long necklace hand made in symmetrical spheres of chrysocolla.
  • It is open so it can be used in different ways and even as a bracelet.
  • Total length of necklace 102 cm


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Collar de Crisocola

Data sheet

Total length of necklace 102 cm

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