Violet necklace with white Bakelite beads
  • Violet necklace with white Bakelite beads
  • Violet necklace with white Bakelite beads detail

Violet necklace with white Bakelite


In Omicron we present you a beautiful violet necklace completely handmade. It is composed of white Bakelite beads that have a shape of symmetrical spheres.


The Violet necklace with white Bakelite is a long necklace, it is 35 centimeters long at the center.

Among the Bakelites a ribbon of violet satin that is folded makes separation from the bakelite spheres at the same time that it makes a lovely effect when folding the satin date as you can see in the image of the necklace.

Another element highlighted in the necklace is its closure. The closure consists of two very stylized metal figures representing the head of a rabbit.

The type of closure also has the advantage that is adaptable which will allow you to adapt the length of the collar.

It is a necklace entirely handmade in Spain.

It is a unique product with very limited production, so if you are interested, it is better to decide quickly.

An ideal gift that we can put in your hands in one or two days if you choose the fastest shipping method.

Necklaces sure there are many, but this violet necklace with beads is however a product of manual processing and very limited production.

Do not go as they all go, let your personality come out.

Dare to wear our violet necklace, the purchase will not disappoint you.

Violet necklace with white Bakelite beads: Technical characteristics.

  • Long necklace
  • Handmade with symmetrical white Bakelite spheres.
  • United by violet satin ribbon.
  • The satin ribbon forms groups of folds between the white bakelite spheres.
  • It has two metallic beads on the closure that represent beautiful rabbit heads.
  • It is a kind of adaptive closure.
  • Length to the center 35 cm


Spanish crafts.

Express delivery 24 - 48 hours to most of the countries of the world.

There are other shipping options, check prices.

Any doubt or consideration do not hesitate to contact us.

Collar violeta

Data sheet

Length to the center 35 cm

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