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Main frosted glass choker
  • Main frosted glass choker
  • frosted glass earrings
  • Frosted glass choker - full view
  • frosted glass ring detail top
  • frosted glass earrings detail top
  • Frosted glass choker pendant hitch detail
  • Frosted glass choker  view of the closure
  • Main frosted glass ring

Frosted glass set: Choker, ring and earrings

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Completely handmade frosted glass set that is composed: Choker - Earrings  Ring


The frosted glass set is composed of:

Completely handmade frosted glass set that is composed: Choker-Earrings- Ring

The choker is the center piece of the set is a short necklace of four turns that ends in a frosted glass pendant.

The pendant has a central detail in gold.

The choker has golden metal details, both the part where the pendant is attached to the collar and the closing area.

This metal area is designed so that the pendant is fixed in that area.

The four-lap leather straps are joined by this piece in gold metal on the bottom, and by the closure at the top.

We can adjust the choker since in the zone of the closing it takes a small metallic chain that allows us to adjust the length to the needs that we have.

The set bears itself a ring in the same material, frosted glass, with golden detail to match that of the pendant of the choker.

The set is closed with a pair of earrings in ground glass this time completely black without that detail in gold of the other two elements of the set.

Pure craftsmanship made in Spain in a truly spectacular set that will look like the special complement it is.

Like a gift has a huge journey, is different, handmade, a work that you will only find in our online store.

A very special set composed of three unique pieces that will be spectacular in any event you decide to attend.

Frosted glass set, choker, ring and earrings: Technical characteristics.

  • Set of choker, ring and earrings in frosted glass.
  • Completely handmade
  • In black with central detail in gold on the Choker and ring.
  • The earrings are totally in black.
  • The choker has four laps in leather.
  • The ring with washer adaptable to the diameter of the finger


Spanish crafts.

Express delivery 24 - 48 hours to most countries of the world.

There are other shipping options, check prices.

Any doubt or consideration do not hesitate to contact us.

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