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Transparent Bakelite Short Necklace with Resin Pendant


Transparent Bakelite Short Necklace and Resin Pendant is a necklace in four turns completely handmade. It is made up of small symmetric beads of transparent Bakelite.


Transparent Bakelite Short  Necklace comes with a charm or pendant that you can wear with any other chain or as a bracelet, in addition to being able to use it together with the short Bakelite necklace.

The removable charm is made of resin in degraded beige tones and also handmade.

Both the necklace and the pendant are totally handmade elements. Bakelite beads have been manually placed one by one on the necklace.

The closure of the collar is made through a carabiner closure that ensures that it will not open, avoiding the risk of losing the collar.

The Transparent Bakelite necklace with Resin pendant is really spectacular once you put it on. All of us want to have a piece like this among our accessories.

Being a very special gift option since it is a totally handmade short necklace.

Remember that it is a product handmade entirely in Spain.

It is an ideal complement that will help you highlight the different sets of your wardrobe.

We do not have to remind you how important the complements are to get the look you want. This is undoubtedly a piece that will bring a lot of personality to your style.

It is able to totally change the look that you wear normally.

You also deserve a gift! Do not miss the opportunity to get this beautiful short necklace.


Transparent Bakelite Short Necklace with Resin Pendant: Technical characteristics.

  • Short necklace of 4 turns hand made with tiny symmetric beads of transparent bakelite.
  • Length to the center 27 cm.
  • Removable resin pendant in beige gradient shades.
  • The pendant can be used with this transparent Bakelite necklace, or with any other necklace since it is possible to extract easily.
  • Pendant length 7 cm.
  • Closing in the form of a carabiner.
Collar corto de baquelita

Data sheet

Length to the center 27 cm
Pendant length 7 cm.

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