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Golden Bakelite Ring
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Golden Bakelite Ring

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The Golden Bakelite Ring is a completely handmade accessory; handmade in Spain.


The Golden Bakelite Ring is unlike what you can usually see in stores that sell industrial products.

A design that will allow you to go elegant without the uniformity caused by the series production of brands of the sector.

This bakelite ring is of very limited production, an artisan element that can not be missing among your accessories.

You can find another similar option in brown bakelite.

It is one of those special accessories that women like to have, and that you can also put on perfectly daily, to go to work, or out with some friends or to an event that you like to go more prepared.

Unique complement and totally polyvalent Bakelite ring will not disappoint you. Won’t leave anybody indiferent. Are you going to miss the opportunity?

Unique opportunity on the other hand at a very tight price for a handmade Spanish craft ring, with a very limited number of pieces, so do not leave it for tomorrow, fly.

Then do not say I have not warned you.

What is the ring made of?

It is a ring of Spanish crafts made in tiny pieces of golden bakelite that together make up an authentic work of art that you can wear on your finger.

An ideal complement as a gift both for the design and for the ring which is held on the finger in a braided elastic thread designed to have a perfect fit, whatever the thickness of the finger of the person who will use it.

A golden Bakelite ring that will stand out in your hand and give a special touch to your style.

Remember that it is a hundred percent handmade product pure Spanish craftsmanship, where all the passion for the quality manual product is turned over.

Whether for a gift or as an element that is added to your accessories you will not go wrong.

If you do not want to be the same as the others, you have an option to be different in the golden Bakelite ring, comfort and design in your hand.

If you love the rings here you have a different one designed for you.

Golden Bakelite Ring: Technical characteristics.

  • Handmade product, handmade in Spain.
  • Ring handmade with small pieces of golden Bakelite.
  • The ring is braided with elastic thread for better fit and comfort in use.

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