In How to buy Omicron Handmade we want to make your purchase as simple as possible.

That is why we have designed an intuitive and clear store, so you can easily get by.

Anyway, we would like to give you a few tips to optimize your purchases:


You can do it through the offers and the featured home products  or through the menu at the top of the web that allows you to browse the categories, where we have grouped our products by families: art, crafts, and within this, household items, fashion accessories, etc.

You can BROWSE THE PHOTOS to see them better and you can also see related ART OR CRAFTS.

Each product has a CHARACTERISTICS LIST that will help you to make a clearer idea of ​​it in terms of sizes, weights, and other technical characteristics.

It is important to tell you that because it is the most widespread in the world we use the units of measurement of the metric system.

When you decide which product or products you want, you only have to click "add to cart". IF YOU CHANGE YOUR OPINION, you can "remove" the product and "update" your purchase.

Once this step is done, you can "continue buying" or "FINALIZE THE PURCHASE".

When you "place the order" we will give you the possibility of CREATING AN ACCOUNT IN THE BASKET, although it is NOT NECESSARY to register to make the purchase.

If you register you can make your next purchases faster, check the status of your orders in progress and check your previous orders.

But it is not essential, you can buy without creating the account.

FILL OUT YOUR DATA so that we can make the shipment and tell us if you have any preference of schedules to avoid inconveniences.

FOLLOW THE SECURITY STEPS to be able to make the payment through the form you choose.

Once the process is completed, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN E-MAIL to confirm that the purchase has been made successfully.


We will tell you how long it will take to get your purchase to your home or to the place you indicate.

That easy.