We are an Art and Crafts online shop.

But we do not want to be an online shop anymore, we want to be yours.

As long as you love what is hand done as much as we love it.

We are passionate about art and crafts.

We love art, craftsmanship, everything hand done that is the same as saying that it is made with the heart.

We flee from the series products, from the industrial, from the impersonal, from the monotony that big brands impose on us.

We love the different, the inspired, the natural, the artistic. We want to be a reference for all those who are still struggling to do different and beautiful things.

We like the beauty, what are we going to do.

We wanted to transform our passion into our profession.

Our project was born to give shape to the need to make you reach what excites us, that we like, that we are passionate about.

You will find a selection of art works and products 100% artisans, that the team of Omicron Handmade has selected for you.

Many of the products are either unique or have a very limited production, we do not like mass production

We are perfectionists.

Even slightly exaggerated limits.

That's why we only sell ART and CRAFTS of the highest quality, with capital letters.

If you're here, it's because you want exactly that, right? Because things to hang on the wall and household items you already have at any mall.

If you are looking for something different, handmade, inspired, here you will find it.

Who is behind this project?

The project in a personal effort of Mária Navarro.

Multi-faceted entrepreneur, professional in the scientific area, artist, crafts lover, restless and interested in everything beautiful that the human being is capable of creating.

Federico Asorey, responsible for Digital Marketing of the Web, specialist in Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce.

In programming and design Brugova Technologies S.L., to fight with everything that involves the technical part of selling online.