Crafts on Black Friday

Crafts on Black Friday

To focus the issue let's first define what Black

Friday is.

It is known as "Black Friday" the day that opens the Christmas shopping season with significant sales at many retail stores and department stores in the United States.

As for the origin of the term Black Friday there are different versions, since it comes from that day that the numbers of the stores went from red to black for the benefits, until it originated in Philadelphia where it was used to describe the dense traffic of people and vehicles that crowded the streets the day after Thanksgiving. Source: Wikipedia in Spanish.

"Black Friday" is not officially a holiday in the United States, but many entrepreneurs see this day as a holiday along with Thanksgiving, giving their employees a day off, in fact increasing the total number of potentials Buyers.

It has usually been the day of the biggest commercial movement of the whole year since 2005 in the United States.

Today it has arrived in Spain in particular and in Europe in general, as a day of "beneficial" offers for consumers just before Christmas, promoted by large companies.

Curiously, in Spain it has penetrated faster and deeper in electronic commerce and advances with more difficulty in traditional commerce.

Cyber Monday

As a complement to this consumerist holiday there is also Cyber ​​Monday, which is a day dedicated to online shopping and is celebrated on Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

It is actually a day created by Internet companies to persuade people to buy through this channel.

Cyber ​​Monday has become an international marketing term used by online retailers in Germany, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Peru, Portugal, United Kingdom and Ecuador, etc., to boost online sales just before from the Christmas season.

cyber monday  - tablet

In Spain this celebration has been promoted mainly in areas of online purchase through the Internet and also expanding not only on Friday but also several days such as Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday joining Cyber ​​Monday making it practically a weeks of sales in the online world just before Christmas.

Although it is currently not as popular as in the United States, the search volume of the term "Black Friday" or "Cyber ​​Monday" has grown steadily from the beginning of this decade year by year.

As of 2015, it has been widely implemented in the consumption of Spaniards.

And what happens in Latin America, countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and El Salvador, among others, have boosted online commerce in some of their stores with this mode.

No need to get into questions like what kind of consumption do you promote? What products are we buying? Do we really need those products or not? Are the offers really beneficial or not?

Questions that as buyers we should ask ourselves without a doubt.

Black Friday and crafts a difficult relationship.

We are going to reflect how the world of craftsmanship fits what is ours in this sales dynamic.

We want to analyze our point of view from the Craft, as artisans we are, this phenomenon that begins to spread throughout the world.


Craft values

Our position as vendors is much more aimed at supporting and promoting close, sustainable and solidarity projects (values ​​that bring together crafts and art).

One hundred percent handmade products of careful design and realization.

As artisans we make each of our products with care and dedication, making each item unique.

Manufacturing times are what they are, and from there on the basis of working time, complexity, quality and material costs we put a price on the product.

A price that is very thought out and adjusted to the costs of realization and that can hardly be reduced or adjusted its final sale price.

So this condition puts us before a dilemma.

See on Black Friday as an opportunity to sell our products by reducing their costs, or as a day to precisely claim the quality and exclusivity of a job well done by hand.

As we understand it, joining these days means going against all our work the remaining 360 days of the year.

And in our way of understanding the craftsmanship and the relationship with the artisans that implies paying a fair price for an original, unique and totally manual work such as our product.

But at the same time not entering this world of Black Friday means that we leave you without a possibility of acquiring artisanal products or directly art, with the possibility of having a discount on the established prices.

And going in a sense against the dynamics and logic of marketing in our sales channel that is none other than electronic commerce.

And in this dilemma we are in attending to our artisan soul or in paying attention to our e-Commerce character.

As a consumer of art and craft products, what do you think of Black Friday? What do you think we should do? Be consistent with our principles or give you a small margin to buy those days a little cheaper products as the logic of marketing dictates?

We would be happy to hear your opinion, leave us your comment.

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