Handmade: Its importance and its value

Handmade: Its importance and its value

From our beginnings, humans have worked with our hands, manufacturing our own products: clothes, tools, kitchen utensils ... Everything that our imagination allowed us we were able to create with our hands.

In part we are human because our ancestors were able to make tools, instruments, tools or whatever you want to call them with their hands.

Therefore the essence of the handmade is very much within our culture, despite the fact that two centuries of mass production had gradually taken away the site.

The value of the handmade.

The handmade thing is so important for Omicron that it even appears in the name of our online store: Omicron Handmade.

Such is the success and strength with what the handmade thing has broken into the world of design and fashion that has led to the rescue, renovation and rediscovering of old trades that were falling into oblivion.

But the movement goes far beyond the success it has reaped, since within this current one does not only seek exclusivity and originality in products made by hand.

The basic idea of ​​the handmade movement is to change that belief that the products are disposable, that they belong only to one season.

Everything can be used and thrown away without giving importance to the quality of the product because it will be used a couple of months and then throw it away.

With the multitude of environmental problems that this generates from waste that accumulates, from resource expenses, from pollution, etc.

And that is one of the most important objectives to be achieved, it is precisely to break the cult of "fast fashion" and create awareness of consumption, the life of a product and the human and ecological cost of production that objects have.

And curiously, this explicit criticism of the fashion world, the collections of every three months, etc. has made the same fashion and designers have been incorporating them because they are products that fit very well with the concern for the environment increasingly widespread in the consumer.

43/5000 Goldsmith working on handmade product

What are the values ​​provided by the handmade product?

What is done by hand always implies the acquisition of unique pieces, of the value given to each of the made pieces.

That  piece precisely because of that manual component will always be different from the piece that a craftsman has done before and the one that he will do next.

This aspect has precisely made this trend, which curiously advocates the return to the essence and ending the trends has had a radical success among designers.

Designers from all over the world are opting to seek the revaluation of traditional trades, caring for the environment and being able to meet the tastes and needs of consumers who are increasingly willing to put aside mass production and value work "handmade".

New tools such as the Internet or social networks have given momentum to the handmade movement.

Internet has been providing tail wind to the handmade. En realidad es un gran aliado de lo handmade.

Since it has been precisely new technologies, from web pages to social networks that have revitalized the rediscovery of handmade products around the world.

What these communication tools provide is that what has been produced locally can be sold globally in a relatively simple way.

somewhat broken the dependence that the artisans had on the local market.

Normally the majority of local buyers look for a good price without paying attention to the laborious work done, not a unique product.

But in European cities in particular and Western in general there has been an interest among consumers to acquire exclusive pieces of great quality, and they are willing to pay for the hours of work invested in making a product well hand made.

Every day it is easier to share images and make purchases online from anywhere in the world.

That has facilitated the sale of handmade products.

Even for many citizens of these areas of the developed world, where the economic crisis hit some countries hard not so long ago it has served many people for more than a hobby, the philosophy of "handmade" has become a option to return to the world of work and create new forms of income, which adjust to a way of life in favor of a change in economic and climate awareness

In mass production a machine can easily replace the human being, but in the handmade, the artisan's hand is essential to carry out the work.

In addition, handicrafts and handmade products in general are highly valued due to the growing interest in their origin, cultural, heritage and ancestral value.

Let's not forget that artisanal work is a thorough, detailed work, done by hand and with the care of those who love what they do.

Una profesión y una forma de vida para muchos.

Working by hand with clay

The price of the handmade product.

We can understand that the price of the handmade product will not be the same as that of the mass produced product.

The level of quality and the number of hours dedicated to each product is much higher in the first case.

Therefore, the appearance of an audience with purchasing power that values ​​exclusivity, a job well done, and why not say it, the luxury of what has been done by hand has come to boost the work of artisans in recent years.

Craftsmen who, although they do not see a future completely clear of clouds, at least  they see a better situation than there were only two or three decades ago.

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