Craft Gifts: original, different and handmade

Craft Gifts: original, different and handmade

Handmade gifts are an increasingly prominent option because, let's face it, they are much more personal and intimate than those made in series.

As you like to feel an original and unique person and not as one that uses products in series.

Every day there are more people who value the artisan and the handmade, as a symbol of individuality.

And at the same time they love to buy handicrafts for themselves or for their home, also having a great appreciation for giving away crafts.

Because let's be clear, the craft is unique, different, of quality and also reflects how important it is for you the person to whom the gift is addressed.

We should ask at the time of giving: are there two people alike?

If you think not, the handmade gift is ideal since there are no two identical handmade pieces.

Each piece that the craftsman makes will be different from the previous one and the next one he makes.

This fact far from supposing a problem, is an incentive to buy and / or give away crafts.

The craft gifts is unique and different as unique and different is the person who will feel the person receiving the gift.

Within the "virtual showcase" of Omicron Handmade, you will surely find various gift ideas that may surprise you as well as those honored to whom the objects you acquire are destined.

Creation of textile crafts.

What is a handmade gift?

To talk about a handmade gift, we can define what we mean by handmade products.

Thus, for us, they are those items that are made by professional craftsmen whose hands are able to elaborate each piece they make with delicate care.

An artisan must do his job either by hand or with hand tools, so you have to have dexterity, specific knowledge and ability to perform his work.

The mastery of the handicraft work he performs results in a product of high aesthetic value even when he can and should have the object a last utilitarian end obtained from artisan work.

Therefore, a handmade gift is a handmade gift, made by specialized craftsmen, with all the quality and design that apply to their products.

Something that you should also keep in mind is that when you give away crafts, as a rule, you are giving away a product that uses native materials from the area where the items have been made.

So beyond its beauty, you send to whom you give a message of respect for the territory, the environment as well as for the cultural and social context where this craft object has been produced.

A craftsman will always take advantage of the natural resources of the area in which he is, thus, a craftsman who lives in a coastal area, will tend to use marine derivatives, while wood-based crafts predominate in forested areas.

Handmade fan in oriental pictograms

What gifts when you make a handmade gift?

Handmade gifts are basically manual, handmade works, made with a very restricted intervention of industrialized machinery or simply without it.

Each object obtained from an artisanal process will necessarily be different and unique from each other, even if the techniques used are the same.

The handmade gift is therefore a gift away from the mass produced, each object is different from the previous one and will therefore be different from the next.

A handmade work which for many is halfway between design and art.

Without ever renouncing a greater influence of the design in the handicraft, nor does tradition renounce and preserve traditional trades that would otherwise be lost.

Although the aesthetics of the object have an important role it is not less that it meets the usefulness of it.

It is interesting to say that every good craftsman puts his personal prestige into play in each piece.

Therefore, the quality of each one tends to be superior to that of any industrial product that competes directly with it.

A hand-embroidered cotton tablecloth usually has a superior quality to any tablecloth, also of cotton, made industrially.

clay crafts

But crafts evolve with the times

If you think that the craft gift is the typical craft that you could find a century ago, when you did not have the competence of industrial production you are wrong.

It is true that crafts, appealing to a know-how that refers to tradition, respects the times and values ​​what is done by hand.

But it should be noted that the artisan product has taken a step forward, towards the design without losing the quality and soul of the handmade.

In fact, there are numerous fashion designers of couture who, for example, make their collections live with handmade products, or that directly include these products in their designs.

They do it because of the unique exclusivity and differentiation component that artisanal accessories provide.

Because the same combination of shirt and skirt can give a very different result with unique accessories such as a pair of necklaces, a ring and / or earrings different from what is found in series in most section stores.

Now that you are clear about what a craft gift is, you decide if you follow our recommendation for exclusivity along the way in your gifts or transit that of the industrial gift.

Do not forget.

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