Buy art online: an interesting option?

Buy art online: an interesting option?

Art is moving and buying online art enters into that movement.

It is born by the appearance of new disciplines and new trends, in addition there is a greater number of fairs and exhibitions coupled with more knowledge derived from globalization and technologies that give universal access to art through the Internet.

Buying art online has become an option that gains followers day by day. 

The art has stopped being little by little for a chosen public and in addition every time it is closer to the possible consumer, it is a hit of 'click' of computer and / or travels in your mobile smartphone in your bag or in your pocket.

Both artists and virtual art dealers have seen a business option in the online channel.

An example of this is that the art sale through internet accounted for 4,900 million in 2016, 9% of the global market, according to The Art Market 2017 report

This report is an independent study that broadly analyzes the global art market, observing its different segments such as the gallery business, auction houses, private art collecting, fairs, online art sales and the economic impact of art market in society.

The aforementioned report is corroborated by this year's "Hiscox" report on Art Trade, which is expected to reach $ 9.58 billion dollars in just five years. 

Optimistic data that confirm the trend of the last year, backed by the 34% increase in art sales compared to last year.

The "millennials" are the protagonists and the galleries and the artists know it, that is why Facebook, Instagram and Pinterets become the main responsible for the final purchase of an artwork online.

millennial comparing art online

Why is the art online purchase taking off?

Online commerce has made available to new and veteran collectors the works of world-class artists such as Botero or Damien Herst.

And in the same way, it is possible to access emerging talents and thousands of creators globally who have seen an opportunity in online sales.

They have been the first to realize the wonderful and huge showcase that is the online art, at the same time that immensely less burdensome, if we put it in comparison with the physical presence, which are Internet and social networks.

Together with them and hand in hand, the most innovative and alternative galleries have given many of these artists the opportunity to make themselves known.

In addition, online commerce has helped to spread the boom of a greater number of fairs and exhibitions worldwide that promote art beyond the so-called "great teachers" and there is an immense artistic creation interesting, eclectic and contemporary.

All these elements have contributed to open art to a less elitist audience and welcomes everyone who loves works beyond the classics.

These emerging artists have had a lot to do with the development of the online art market.

They have already been born in a world where the "online" far from being strange is the usual and they feel fulfilled by spreading their work through the tools that the Internet and social networks facilitate them.

The pleasure of being able to buy art online through digital art galleries is the new hobby of the recent native-digital generations, which seek to bring the maximum representation of culture and luxury through the channels in which they interact.

There are currently approximately two million Internet users who trust in art purchased through a screen, many times without having seen the works physically.

On other occasions going through the gallery or art fair where they have discovered the work or / and the author.

We will not deny that making the decision to buy an artistic work without having seen it physically to appreciate it, has its complications but according to the data this fact has not prevented the segment from growing.

Every time there are more collectors or simple art lovers who, to be informed, use the Internet and take the step from information to purchase is a natural process in the digital sector.

Buy art online by smartphones

The omnipresent presence of the computer and especially the Smartphone today in our daily work has facilitated the art literally reach everyone who is interested even minimally by artistic creation.

The truth is that this reality has driven the sale of all types of online works, including decoration tips seeking to introduce the art in the day to day of potential customers.

Knocking on the door of those who can or want to be granted a quality acquisition for your home or your office.

This has been favored and promoted by portals such as Omicron  that want to facilitate that the work of art reaches the public in a pleasant and simple way.

The varied current publics have been increased in relation to a few years ago:

  • On the one hand, the new young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley-type technology companies who have been attracted by investment in online art in recent years.
  • And on the other hand the baby boom generation that leads the acquisition in this sector type.

We are in a moment of convergence of two winning trends: buy online art as well as buy contemporary art.

As a rule, the most elite segment will go to buy art in: Sotheby's, Christie's and Phillips...

But if we want to bet on emerging values, start with humility in the collection of contemporary art with serial editions, with unique works, or simply obtain that detail that culminates in the decoration of our home or office options are multiple and suitable for many pockets.

And perhaps we are welcoming our lives to the new way of buying art online where there is no limit either in time or place and where the close relationship between art, culture and luxury remains intact.

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