The craftsmen in Fashion a rising value.

The craftsmen in Fashion a rising value.

The craftsmen in Fashion

Examples we have many and some very recent of the success that various brands have obtained by including crafts in their offer.

In the midst of consumerism, ruled by 'fast fashion', a phoenix has emerged from its ashes, a trend almost forgotten, craftsmanship, which is increasingly being included in design and avant-garde pieces.

What is handdone, once again makes its way into the world of fashion and design, which allows brands to produce individualized products that are different from each other.

A couple of examples are those of Mercedes Salazar, Colombian designer, who with her designs made by artisans of her region (such as the earrings handembroidered with natural fibers such as the iraca palm and in whose creation they have invested many hours of a meticulous work) has made a very important hole in the market.

Another example is Cult Gaia a small firm of wooden baskets that last summer became a success in social networks.

Couture firms such as Bottega Veneta, Ermenegildo Zenga Couture and Tom Black show the world the great work of their master craftsmen when it comes to making their collections and providing solutions that differentiate their products.

This trend has caused the brands to return to their beginnings, to manual and artisanal work, counting on the hands of the craftsmen in their production process.

Luxury really has always been closely related to what is handmade, with handmade products, in fact haute couture has always been a handmade product.

But the presence of the series-produced collections, Prêt-à-porter, had led to the gradual dilution of this trend in many fashion-related firms.

It seems that this trend has turned around and more and more the world of fashion has been returning to the world of what is handmade by craftsmen.

Craftsmen working on fabrics

Why has craftsmanship come back to fashion?

This has happened because what has been handmade has been valued.

The work of the artisans has allowed to value the quality, the precious totally manual works and the mastery of traditional techniques.

Many people have realized the uniformador effect that has a fashion based on the model of the production in chain, that makes arrive to the store multitude of clothes all the same that invade the streets of the big cities, and of the not so great ones.

The result is a client who is not satisfied with being dressed in the same way and style as the person who is at his side.

Many are bothered by this uniformity and have begun to feel the need to differentiate.

In price the artisan can not compete with mass production, but if what is valued is the different, the personal, that element capable of giving meaning to a look, here the artisan does have many things to say.

The craftsmanship gains followers minute by minute in the world of fashion and does so because it covers a need that has proved important for brands.

Your customers want to be different and feel different.

We all want to feel important, unique, carry something that others do not have, thought about our needs and personalities, made by and for us.

On the other hand, society has become much more aware and demanding.

We no longer only look for excellence and quality. We look for products that adapt to our way of seeing and thinking the world.

Craft products that adapt to what we are or want to be, for some it is important that they respect the environment, for others, that animals are not made to suffer in their manufacture, for others that are natural products that do not contaminate

The brands have recently seen in the work of artisans, a way to meet the tastes and needs of their customers in a very individual way. 

On the other hand, the fashion "I buy today to throw tomorrow", a product of poor quality that can hardly stand the use of a few weeks does not fit into the philosophy of life of more and more people who think of a sustainable world, in which they throw less and in which the product lasts longer in time. 

Products made with natural materials that do not spoil the first change is another of the hallmarks of the work of artisans. 

And one more reason for brands to bet on them. 

Only through craftsmanship can we enjoy unique pieces that meet the expectations of those who will acquire them.

Wood crafts - Gonzalo García

What happens with the craftsmen in this whole process?

This reality can not hide a fact that we dislike, the identity of the craftsman disappears, erased by the need of fashion brands to maintain and increase the knowledge and appreciation of their own brand.

So we propose to discover the creativity present in many craftsmen who do really wonderful works without the protective umbrella of the big brands of fashion.

Artisans who want to combine the old with the new, the classic with the innovative.

Redefine the concepts of heritage and tradition from the most modern modernity.

There are craftsmen discovering new possibilities for ancestral trades that result in a unique and wonderful piece.

It is this world where artisans take a step forward towards a creative craft where we feel more at home in Omicron Handmade.

We do not forget the traditional work and the value of the work well done, of quality.

And it is this world, that of quality craftsmanship, that we intend to discover with this section of the blog, in particular, and our online shop of handicrafts in general.

Fashion, with its ups and downs, its trends and its rapid changes to match its rhythm to that of the evolution of society, is the perfect example that traditional crafts and modernity can shake hands without fuss.

It seems that crafts like those old grandmothers have an iron health.

As they seem that the return to the origins in the fashion is slow but it seems that inexorable in spite of the predictions that year after year predict that it is going to deflate the tendency.

It seems that far from doing so the trend in the coming years is that we will see how it grows.

It's a trend that tends to settle more and more, brands are born that bet on hand-made and differentiation. For exploiting new niches, new ways of doing and understanding crafts, which, based on tradition, look to the future.

Why this trend seems unstoppable?

Simply because the client demands unique products that tell stories and that excite him.

And this does craftsmanship like nobody else.

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