10 art blogs you can not miss

10 art blogs you can not miss

We are starting but someday we would like to be at least the pale reflection of some of these blogs that we present today.

A list of 10 blogs that will let you know what is moving in the art world and immerse you in the trends of the moment.

Without more delete the art blogs that you can not miss.

1 - Alejandra de Argos.

It is a blog in the classic style whose director is Elena Cué and has a qualified team of editors.

Pay special attention to expository recommendations of different styles and patterns.

She is interested in subjects such as travel, books or music.

Highlighting texts dedicated to contemporary artists, with interesting and extensive interviews, very useful to understand their sources of inspiration, influences and work processes in contemporary art.

It has versions in Spanish and English.

Art  blog Alejandra de Argos

2 - Hyperallergic   

It was born in New York in 2009 a decade ago.

It is an artistic and cultural forum in which both serious and playful approaches have their place and, also, sometimes, the radical position in art.

You will not find only established artists but it is a good place to meet young or forgotten artists.

It also gives you access to that more radical art that will never be exhibited in museums and also cultural controversies that the generalist media, and sometimes the specialized media, do not usually inform in absolute.

A counterpoint to many blogs or related pages here.

Its thousands of followers obtain passes to activities, including projections and concerts.

So it's not a bad idea to subscribe, especially if you live near New York


3 - And you who see it (Y tú que lo veas)

The art critic blog of Elena Vozmediano in El Cultural which is a magazine that talks about culture in general, books, art, science, opinion.

In fact it is the art critic in El Cultural since its first issue.

In her blog she reflects every week on various aspects and ramifications of the art system: market, trends, publications, online projects, cultural policies ...

She pays special attention to questions related to cultural management to which generalist media do not usually provide space.

Elena explains with good examples and bad practices, puts on the table the working conditions of cultural employment, or reflects on the ethics of sponsorships.

A blog certainly interesting to continue dedicated to the art world.

And you who see it (Y tú que lo veas)

4 - Jonathan Jones Blog in The Guardian

Jonathan Jones is a British art critic who has written for The Guardian since 1999. 

He appeared on the BBC Private Life of a Masterpiece television series and in 2009 was a judge of the Turner Prize.He has also been a judge of the BP Portrait Award.

Jonathan Jones works for The Guardian elaborating short texts that recommend artistic events of interest inside and outside conventional techniques.

Interesting blog not exempt in times of controversy.

Jonathan Jones Blog in The Guardian

5- We Make Money Not Art.

Especially recommended if you are passionate about the relationships between art, science and technology.

It  talks about the creative connection of the latest gadgets and technological innovations.

Its great advantage and its hallmark is that it does so from a comical tone, which makes the contents very attractive for any reader.

We Make Money Not Art

6 - Con arte y sonante (With art and sound)

Miguel Ángel García Vega blog  in the newspaper El País, Spain.

If you are interested in the economic side of the plastic arts, in a broad spectrum: sales, auctions, robberies, consequences of new attributions, plundered pieces, etc. This is your blog

It also pays attention to archeology and antiquities.

It has been published since 2012 uninterruptedly.

Con arte y sonante - With art and sound

7 -  Universes in universe

It started twenty years ago, in 1997, at the initiative of the German curator and art critic Gerhard Haupt and the Argentine artist Pat Binder.

It is published in Spanish, English and German.

It focuses on the current artistic manifestations that have emerged in Western Europe and the United States.

Pays special attention to fairs and biennials offering extensive information about them.

It stands out as much for its chosen images as for the clarity of its information, which gives great importance to context references.

A blog that without a doubt you should know.

Universes in universe blog

8 - Camila and Art 

Camila y el Arte is a blog that aims to bring art to the general public by approaching artistic creation from the point of view of emotion.

For its authors, Anna de Golferichs and Xavi Salgado, the art world suffers from an elitism that ends up making it airtight for most people.

Their decision is to flee from all kinds of technicalities so they have decided to turn their posts into a place where they approach art in a natural and "without complexes", using the universal language of emotions.

If you want to experience art in a free way of all kinds of snobbishness you have come to your blog.

This blog shows that it is not necessary to get cryptic to make interesting chronicles and interviews.

If it is not higher in the relationship, it is because you can access all the published content, even though the page is not updated since the end of 2016, a pity.

Camila and Art - Camila y el Arte

9 - Vandalog

A blog of street art, is a very internationalized blog that is dedicated to offer its readers periodic publications of interest on the development of urban art around the world.

It has generated an international community of readers interested in these creations.

If you are interested in the subject a blog that you can not stop following.

Vandalog blog

10 - The Cool Hunter. 

Born in the United Kingdom, this portal is very popular for its careful selection of images and content where only the beautiful has a place in the fields of architecture, plastic arts, design, travel and lifestyle.

A reference in many fields that you can not miss.

Undoubtedly, the best feature is your photographs.

A place where all those who like attractive images are going to enjoy.

The web is not only a visual thermometer of creative trends: in the UK it is so influential as to create them.

The Cool Hunter Blog

I hope that at least you are interested in some of the proposed art blogs.

We will continue writing about art, crafts and in general about everything that is handmade, a world that really fascinates us.

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