Wall sculpture Hydrangeas - horizontal detail
  • Wall sculpture Hydrangeas
  • Wall sculpture Hydrangeas - horizontal detail
  • Wall sculpture Hydrangeas - 
flowers detail
  • wall sculpture

Wall sculpture "Hydrangeas" - Nina Sloanne


We are talking about a certainly figurative wall sculpture, where the idea of ​​a bouquet of hydrangeas is reflected.


We emphasize the fact that being a sculpture is designed to hang on the wall.

The work "Hydrangeas" is an ideal element to offer a different decoration to important rooms of your home or office with an artistic element with relief that also has volume.

It is a work by Nina Sloane in 2016.

Its dimensions are 74 x 40 x 6 centimeters, while its weight is around 700 grams.

As you can see some media and weight perfectly assumable for any room you want to give an artistic and different touch.

Without a doubt, this work by Sloane is an essential element that any decoration work would appreciate.

We are never tire of saying that art is an excellent gift, this wall sculpture, metallic, by the material that composes it, made in alpaca handpainted to enamel will undoubtedly be an excellent gift for a very special occasion.

If your concerns are more in line with collecting than decorating, this work by Nina is a necessary work for any collection in which figurative pieces are loved.

Art is beauty, and the beauty always remains as a vital company, so whatever the reason you are interested in the wall sculpture "Hydrangeas" what is certain is that you can be sure that it will not disappoint you.

We deliver the work in 24 or 48 hours almost anywhere in the world.

A work that you will love, do not miss the opportunity.

Wall sculpture "Hydrangeas": Technical Characteristics

  • Metallic Sculpture in Base of Alpaca handpainted to enamel
  • Dimensions 74 x 40 x 6 cm
  • Approximate weight 700 grams
  • Single Work
  • Author Nina Sloanne 2016

Data sheet

Type of Work
Single Work/Series
Single Work

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