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  • Metallic Sculpture Earth Globe
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  • Metallic Sculpture Earth Globe cover image

Metallic Sculpture "Earth Globe" - Nina Sloanne


"Earth Globe" is a sculpture by Nina Sloanne from  2017. It is an iron-based sculpture that reproduces in a certainly free way a ball of the world.


Painted with two colors the green that applies to the Oceans and the pink for the continents.

Metallic Sculpture "Earth Globe" does not try to be a true representation of the world but rather it is a free interception of what for artists is this world that allows us to live while enclosing in it.

It is a work with a huge personality made in Alpaca handpainted in enamel.

The alpaca, which was originally called maillechort, also known as German silver, new silver or argentan, is a ternary alloy composed of zinc (8-45%), copper (45-70%) and nickel (8-20%) ), with color and brightness similar to those of silver.

In the work that we present  you this alpaca is enamel painted in two colors.

The result is a striking unique sculpture that is looking for its place in the world.

It is a piece with sizes of 42 x 20 centimeters and an approximate weight of two kilos seven hundred grams.

Inspirated in those globes of the 19th century of undoubted beauty.

The work that is presented devoid of those utilitarian elements with which the terrestrial globes were made, looks for the beauty of the form.

It is an ideal work to complete the decoration of any office or either a home.

An artistic touch that will never be out of place, at the same time it is a beautiful  and surprising element that will not leave anyone indifferent.

It can be in your hands in a period of 24 to 48 hours for most of the countries of the world.

Metallic Sculpture " Earth Globe ": Technical Characteristics

  • Metal Sculpture with Iron Base and handpainted with Enamel Alpaca 
  • Dimensions 42 x 20 cm Approximate weight 2,700 gr
  • Single Work
  • Author Nina Sloanne 2017

Globo tarráqueo

Data sheet

2,700 gr
42 x 20 cm
Nina Sloanne 2017
Type of Work
Single Work/Series
Single Work

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