Wood Sculpture Starry Flowers
  • Wood Sculpture Starry Flowers
  • Wood sculpture Starry flowers view from above
  • Wood sculpture Starry flowers back view of the artwork
  • Wood sculpture Starry flowers front view
  • Wood sculpture Starry flowers back view of the work

Wood Sculpture "Starry Flowers" - Nina Sloanne


It is a wooden sculpture carved by Nina Sloanne in 2013.


The Sculpture "Starry Flowers" is a wooden sculpture carved

The Gmelina Arborea wood is native to India and Southwest Asia, it is a very resistant wood for its weight.

It is mounted on a painted base also in black wood.

It is a work that for its characterisitics, wood, weight or dimensions adapts to any interior space.

It is an art work that can be the element that allows to combine any environment that requires a piece of very special wood.

It is a unique artistic work in every way.

It is because the sculpture it is not a part of any series, and it is in the creative aspect where you will not find another piece like the one we present to you.

The wooden sculpture represents three flowers in the shape of stars, whose central star overlaps the other two flowers.

As a gift it can be surprising and different, to complete a work of art with any environment, it is a beautiful piece that you can not miss.

According to Feng Shui, wood gives impulse to the cycle of things to follow its natural course.

Sloanne's work is doubly natural: because of the material that is made, and for what it represents, that is why  flower shape of stars is doubly natural.

We send it to you in 24 - 48 hours to any country or city in the world.

Wood Sculpture "Starry Flowers": Technical Characteristics

  • Gmelina arborea Wood sculpture.
  • The sculpture´s base has received black enamel paint.
  • It has been mounted on a painted wooden base.
  • Dimensions 41 x 24 x 10 cm
  • Approximate weight 2,000 gr
  • Single Work
  • Author Nina Sloanne 2013
Flores Estrelladas

Data sheet

2,000 gr
41 x 24 x 10 cm
Nina Sloanne 2013
Type of Work
Single Work/Series
Single Work

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