Triptych Gerbera enamel painting
  • Triptych Gerbera enamel painting
  • Triptych Gerbera enamel paint close - up image
  • Triptych Gerbera enamel painting detail two flowers
  • Triptych Gerbera Enamel painting detail of the central canvas
  • Gerbera triptych Glaze painting views of the canvases- highlighting the central
  • Triptych Gerbera Enamel paint - hanging on the wall
  • Triptych Gerbera Painting enamel canvas left
  • Triptych Gerbera Painting enamel canvas
  • Triptych Gerbera enamel paint three canvas

Triptych "Gerbera" enamel painting - Nina Sloanne


"Gerbera" by Nina Sloanne is a triptych of enamel painting on canvas that, could not be otherwise with the title it has, the artist makes an idealized approach to this beautiful flower.


Violet tones dominate on a soft background that reminds you a painting on a wooden board, but in fact it is acrylic paint on canvas.

It is a triptych whith bodies that have the peculiarity than can be placed indistinctly in the position that most appeals to you.

The author has already thought about the work so that it works whatever the order of placement of each one of the canvases that make up the triptych of enamel paint entitled "Gerbera".

So it will be the buyer's decision the order in which the work appears on the wall.

It is a unique work that the author made in 2012 and now comes exclusively to Omicron.

The triptych for being the representation of a flower like the gerbera, represented with a great intensity, can be an element that culminates the decoration of any space with a unique artistic work.

Its dimensions are ninety centimeters high by thirty wide in each of the canvases that make up the work.

The canvas is an ideal element equally for a gift of representation or company.

For those occasions where you really want to give a great gift that is totally original and unrepeatable at the same time.

The art hardly disappoints and in this case with a work with the qualities of "Gerbera" much less.

And of course, it will be perfect in any art collection that needs a figurative painting as clearly is this triptych.

Whatever function you want to give it, you will be successful with a figurative picture of great beauty.

Triptych Painting "Gerbera" : Technical Characteristics

  • Canvas with enamel paint in three bodies.
  • The bodies can be located indistinctly.
  • 90 x 30 cm each
  • Figurative tendency
  • Single Work
  • Author Nina Sloanne 2012


Data sheet

90 x 30 cm each canva
Nina Sloanne 2012
Type of Work
Single Work/Series
Single Work

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