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For home furnishings, crafts offer solutions that are both beautiful and useful.

I discover that the category understands the household from a very broad point of view, everything you may need in your home to convert it into “your home” you can entrust it here.

Everything you need for the main activities you do at home cook, eat, sleep to turn them into unique moments.

And for all of them you have solutions of enormous quality in craftsmanship.

From tableware to tablecloths, going through all kinds of kitchen utensils, and ending in bedspreads and bedding you can find handcrafted solutions that besides being beautiful, are useful and will not leave anyone indifferent.

Bringing craftsmanship to your home's furniture means that you can have unique objects that give a different touch to the decoration of your home made with materials traditionally worked by craftsmen.

The kitchen is the center of much of the activity when we finally get home.

It is a standout among the set of environments that contribute to making our home.

It is not just that place where meals are made.

There the bodies, minds and souls of our family and friends are fed.

Do you take care of your household items?

We have everything you are looking for to dress your table and make the guests fall in love.

Original and glamorous cutlery in which each meal will become the most desired of the day.

Crockery in which your cooked dishes will be enhanced.

Original napkin rings, decorative trays and salad bowls.

Incorporate craft items from simple salt and pepper grinders, a set of oil and cruet, a napkin holder, a tablecloth with napkins, or a fun tableware together with some beautiful glasses will make our table something different and interesting.

Take care and pay attention to the utensils you will use in the kitchen will make you enjoy much more of the time you spend in it and of course the result you get to all that time spent, you will feel even more pleasure to taste the created.

And in every creative process surrounding yourself, works done by expert hands will help you to enjoy doubly what you do. 

If you want to give personality to your kitchen, you can not miss what Omicron Handmade has prepared for your kitchen or dining room space.

Taking care of the presentation with details that enrich our table at lunch time we will turn it into a pleasant moment in family, in couple, or enjoying it for you that with all security you deserve it.

A handmade tablecloth made by artisans hands, meticulous and perfectionist seamstresses are perfected their technique in thousands of stitches, so that you and only you enjoy that piece that has captivated you, that allows you to enjoy some designs in unique.

It can be a tablecloth, it can be a fun quilt.

Let life surprise you again, find pleasure, discover the little details.

You also have the option of incorporating those details of craftsmanship to transmit our personality to the living room or dining room.

Find those special and unique elements that give personality to your home.

There is no better impression than that which occurs at first sight and the small artisanal details are an essential element to achieve a good initial impact.

Do not wait for things to pass by, contemplate, value, all the time the craftsman puts in doing things with care so that you enjoy it.

It's time to enjoy every little detail of your life, you deserve it.

Come in, look and fall in love.