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In Omicron fashion accessory you will find rings, necklaces, earrings, in general everything you need to put a different and unique touch to your clothes.

Handmade products, one hundred percent handmade by skilled artisan hands.

Each fashion accessory that you can find here is unique and that's the beauty of the craft, the absence of mechanization makes each piece an exclusive piece.

We love small details, which makes things as simple as handmade jewellery, personal and unique objects destined to last over time.

Think of these special details that allow you to give something different to the people that really matters to you.

That's why the designs that you will find in the Omicron Handmade online store, besides being trendy, follows that romantic and artisan spirit that we want to highlight from our beginnings.

In fashion and in its accessories, the artisan creation has always been present.

We want to bring you that unique object, that craft object that you will not see repeated over and over again, so you can enjoy it quietly in your home.

That is why we have thought about the ease and immediacy that the Internet now gives us to get to any place in the fashion accessory world that you were waiting for.

That special element for a special day that comes to culminate your look.

This artisan product that, because it has been handmade by expert hands, guarantees you to leave the uniformity it imposes on industrial production.

Be different, think differently, dress differently, have fun with all the possibilities that we offer in fashion accessories.

The fashion designers themselves seek to complement their own styles, with unique pieces developed under the trades and ancestral techniques that keep the craft tradition alive.

The trend is not to separate fashion crafts but rather to the contrary, with the passing of the years this becomes an opportunity to vindicate the great talent of artisans.

The artisanal fashion accessories can inspire women of all styles and all ages by creating their own and differentiated style.

If you decide to use handmade garments and accessories far from moving away from a contemporary look, you get closer to them.

In addition to design and craftsmanship we are committed to ensuring that the products we sell are always made from a perspective of sustainable production that respects the environment.

As well as ethical and respectful of the craftsman's work.

We want you to meet the people and workshops behind these fashion accessories with soul.

We will give you information about the designer, the workshop where it was produced, the origin of its fabric and, if it is a limited edition and, therefore, exclusive.

We are a conscious online store, which loves craftsmanship and understands that the online store is the easiest way to get an artisanal fashion accessory so that you can complement it with a 100-hand-made product, your way of presenting yourself to the world.