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Craftsmanship is for us that manual work without the aid of machinery or automation that gets unique objects where each piece is different from the others.

We are Omicron Handmade and from our name is clear the slant we give to the crafts we want to put in your hands.

A 100% handmade craft where the quality of work achieves unique pieces made by craftsmen passionate about what they do.

We understand craftsmanship as an intermediate field between design and art, which is at the same time a continuation of traditional crafts that have evolved over time.

We do not want to lose the essence of what the craftsman's work is in his work.

In our products aesthetics is important but so is the practicality of the object that we put in your hands.

Here you will find unique objects, which will become exclusive gifts and sometimes made to measure.

Products made by hand by professional craftsmen, articles that leave a mark.

We flee from industrial products that do not have a soul, to recover the essence of a job well done, care for work with hands, the work that artisans have always done.

Contemporary products in their concept but made with millenary techniques, deeply rooted in the craft traditions of many countries.

The "handmade" is in our DNA. And what we intend is that it reaches you with all the quality that demands of an artisan product.

Do not forget that here you will find handmade products and exclusive ideals to make an original gift to those people who really deserve it and value it.

We are constantly searching for the product made by hand in Spain and in other parts of the world.

Quality and trend is what our craft items provide.

If you do not want to carry what everyone has, or that your house has the same that everyone has, this is your online store.

We offer you the possibility of acquiring and / or giving away totally handmade products, unique, manufactured with all the quality that only the great master craftsmen are able to achieve.

If you are here you already know today the esthetics of design is marked by handmade products, natural. And that there is a recovery of handicrafts into the detriment of mechanized production.

Yes, craftsmanship is definitely in fashion

Fortunately, every time we give more value to the unique pieces elaborated in an artisanal way that represents the simplicity and simplicity of the job well done.

It is the return to concepts that make us think about the balance with nature and the environment.

We are born with the aim of being a useful tool for the commercialization of crafts.

We want to sell handcrafted products of trend, with a contemporary look.

 A wide sort of things are sold as handmade products. We are here to make you a craft that deserves that name.

Handmade products, unique and unrepeatable pieces or that were sold until recently, either in street markets, or at fairs in the sector, we have considered bringing them to the Internet.

The online sale allows us to reach high quality handcrafted products from the most diverse origins.

Omicron Handmade is home to a universe of special and extraordinary items that range from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.

We have the vision to conserve the human connection in the commerce and in the execution of the product in an artisanal way.

We intend to create a community where creativity flourishes and expands because it is people like you who encourage and nurture it.

We want to connect with you that you are looking for something special, a human touch, for those moments of life that really deserve it.

For you who want to be different, who are tired of such uniformity, who enjoy the novelty, the interesting, the spirit of what is handmade.

We like to support all sustainable products and made in a responsible way.

We have values ​​and we want the online craft shop to be a reflection of these values.

  • Originality: Our works of both art and crafts are unique or part of limited editions, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
  • Quality: We offer original, durable and elaborated pieces with noble materials.
  • Responsibility: Our shipments are properly packaged, we have secure business transactions and we will do our best and we can do the impossible because your orders arrive on time to your destination.
  • Ethics: Our trade excludes parts generated by overexploited or slave labor, as well as products  that affect the global ecological balance.

We are socially and environmentally involved so that you have the handmade product that you deserve.

This is what we can offer you; feel comfortable, you are at home.