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Art, we love this word. We are passionate about artistic activity.

Call us crazy but we have decided to make our passion, art, our profession.

That's why you are here on our website today, seeing works of art that we select for you.

An empty wall is like a big question mark.

When you choose a painting to decorate and hang it, you also set your point of view and express your personality to your acquaintances, guests, clients...

Your life or work space can be different, original, surprising or whatever you want. All for much less money than you think.

We offer only original works of art with certification of authorship.

In our website you will find works that you can take home if you wish.

Oriented to art lovers in general, collectors, investors and professionals from the world of design and decoration.

We intend to respond to your needs in the art world whatever your profile and your need is.

What do we understand by art? You may wonder.

There are as many definitions as people have reflected on the subject.

A couple of definitions:

"A concept that encompasses all the creations made by the human being to express a sensitive vision about the world, whether real or imaginary." Through plastic, linguistic or acoustic resources, art allows expressing ideas, emotions, perceptions and sensations.


"Activity in which man recreates, with an aesthetic purpose, an aspect of reality or a feeling in beautiful forms using matter, image or sound".

Let's say that since you will find it here, it is art that uses matter, image, and plastic resources to create works that reach the human soul.

Enter to the universe of artists who exhibit their works here and know their universe.

We want to be your online art gallery

A meeting point for artists, who want to expose and sell their art safely, with collectors,
investors or simply people looking to fill a wall with a unique and special piece, whatever the reason you have to do it.

Even if your motivation is to find the most amazing gift, here you can find that perfect, unique gift.

Count on us whatever the impulse that takes you towards art.

We specialize in moving works of art across the five continents, regardless of origin or destination, from the artist's workshop to your home.

A contemporary online art gallery that allows collectors and art lovers to buy works with total security.

Works by well-known and new artists: abstract paintings, figurative paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc.

We do not like labels, all those works of art that we like or tell us something are likely to have a place in our online store.

We offer a varied selection of styles and techniques.

  • We help emerging artists around the world to sell their works to art lovers like you.
  • And we help you to find and buy paint and / or sculpture.

If you are an investor who wants profitability in your purchases, a collector who wants to complete your collection, an art lover who wants to hang something beautiful on your wall, or a professional looking for that special work that puts the end to your decoration work or design, welcome you have arrived at port.

Why buy art online at Omicron Handmade?

Because we select our artists around the world with exacting and precise criteria:

  • Exhibitions
  • Art Residences
  • Prizes won
  • Presence of works in public or private collections.

We simplify the experience of the buyers of art since we take care of the delivery, the customs and the framing of works.

If you are a decoration professional and / or interior design we offer a wide range of works that can help you to give that special touch that your design needs.

As an online art gallery, we consider digitalization as a great tool to disseminate art throughout the world and allow buyers to acquire artistic work from the most diverse authors.

We want to provide art internationally, bringing it closer to all people and transforming the way we buy - sell art and the way we enjoy art.